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Tips & Advice :: Whole Leaf Tobacco: Handling and Storage Tips for Fronto, Maduro, Havana and Shade Leaf

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Fronto leaf, Maduro, Havana, Shade leaf? It's all whole leaf tobacco and in this article I'll explain the top practices for handling and storage of whole leaf tobacco. In the final I will also provide a link to your handy video tutorial around the handling and storage of whole leaf tobacco.

travel servicesWhen you order whole leaf tobacco wholesale through the pound it usually arrives in a bundle of fresh leaves which can be somewhat folded up amongst the other person. It is shipped it inside a plastic bag that has holes poked inside for aeration. The same bag is merely fine to use for storage as needed. If you over-wet the leaf just let it dry out a lttle bit before storing in the bag.

In order to fully unravel your fronto leaves in the bundle you'll want to lightly spray along the bundle using a cheap water spray bottle from the hardware store. You can also work with a moist paper towel to utilize moisture for a whole leaf tobacco. Some leaves during the bundle might still be a little dry in areas. Wetting the fronto leaf is other wise called reconstituting it... it prepares it for use by bringing the liveliness returning to the flesh with the leaf so that it is pliable as well as a joy to roll with. My friend compares the tobacco leaf to some sponge, it absorbs moisture nicely and may dry it out, yet it remains ready to use upon re-wetting it. Whatever you do, ensure not to seal your wet leaf inside a bag for days on end or it could grow mold into it. But it ought to be okay in short term storage, in order to travel by it or mail it to someone.

Whole leaf tobacco is a value since store it to get a pretty while with no degradation. To store it for this long the leaf has to be completely dry. As demonstrated in my handy tutorial video (connect to video provided inside resource box below), you will recognize that when the fronto leaf becomes dry it is brittle and breaks apart easily. Mist a dry leaf with water and within 15 or more minutes it will become completely pliable again, travel services tips as good as new! (sometimes you may need to mist a bit more, when the leaf was actually folded up or into other leaves.) Once it is pliable, you'll be able to fold it down and store it inside a little ziplock bag or some similar pocket sized type bag.

For long term storage of whole leaf tobacco, ensure it is dry and seal it properly. Store the fronto leaf inside a cool, dark and dry spot for optimal preservation of quality.

Why do I like whole leaf tobacco and why would you?

The use of Fronto Leaf is a tradition to West Indian and Caribbean culture since the proper way to roll a cigar. Whole tobacco leaves are the all natural alternative to papers and blunts and commercially produced cigars. If you have virtually any questions concerning exactly where along with how to make use of travel services (http://travelservices.tips/), you can email us in our website. Many fine cigar producers from the day are rolling their product up manually using whole leaf tobacco. Whole leaf tobacco is also unadulterated with the thousands of chemicals that this commercial tobacco companies increase their product.
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asked Jun 10, 2016 by MarkThomason (120 points)

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